How HRMS Systems Can Improve Your HR

More and more, HR teams are searching for better ways to manage their internal processes – moving away from manual processes and instead, turning to the aid of dedicated Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS).  HRMS systems are designed to make running HR easier, more efficient. They do this by enabling

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7 Common Mistakes Made in Performance Reviews

Performance reviews are an invaluable tool. They allow employers to keep an open line of communication with staff and give employees the opportunity to develop and improve in their role with the company. I’d call that a win-win. However, some managers are still making some time-old mistakes that can ultimately

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Staff Training in a Small Business

Staff training is absolutely vital, whether you’re part of a multi-national corporation, a small business or just a few people. However, whether for financial purposes or because they simply don’t see the necessity, small businesses seem to neglect staff training and development all too often. Why is Staff Training so

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