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Manage Employee Absence on the Move

Whether you have a list of holiday requests to review or need quick access to the staff members who are currently out of the office and when they are due to return, how you manage employee absence matters. We know how important it is for businesses to track staff absences;

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Manage Employee Absences in 3 Simple Steps

From excessive sick leave to last minute holiday requests, employee absence can have a negative and costly impact on your business.  In fact, high levels of employee absence can cost businesses thousands of pounds every year – costs that most companies can’t afford, especially in today’s climate. Having clear and

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How HRMS Systems Can Improve Your HR

More and more, HR teams are searching for better ways to manage their internal processes – moving away from manual processes and instead, turning to the aid of dedicated Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS).  HRMS systems are designed to make running HR easier, more efficient. They do this by enabling

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