How to Implement HR Software Like a Boss

Are you ready to completely change the way your business HR is dealt with? Moving to HR software after years of paper-filled ring binders, Excel spreadsheets, PDF files and packed-full folders will be the making of something great. But, you’ve got to do it properly. There are things to think

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Staff Squared Product Update: January ’15

Howdy! Has 2015 been kind to you? Unemployment is down in the UK so that’s a good thing right? It snowed in January (a bit late for Christmas but what can you do) and last but not least, we’ve got a tonne of new updates for you! Google Drive integration

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Upcoming Enhancements to our Calendar

We’ve been listening to our customer feedback and the one thing that people love most about Staff Squared is the calendar interface.  It synchronises with email clients such as Outlook, offers a ridiculously simple way of managing company events.  So having heard all of that good stuff – we decided

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Staff Squared Product Update: January ’13

We’ve been working hard over the holidays adding new features to Staff Squared.  Here’s what we’ve been up to: A new and improved look across the app and updated dashboard Our chief designer has been working hard to refine the overall look of the app. You’ll find that every screen

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