More and more, HR teams are searching for better ways to manage their internal processes – moving away from manual processes and instead, turning to the aid of dedicated Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS). 

HRMS systems are designed to make running HR easier, more efficient. They do this by enabling the management of several HR functions in one place through the use of technology.

How Can HRMS Systems Help?

HRMS is an effective way to improve the productivity and efficiency of a business as it provides automation for otherwise manual and repetitive tasks.

Implementing an HRMS allows HR teams to do away with unreliable, time-consuming practices and instead, replace them with one secure system where all HR data and tasks can be stored and completed methodically.

An HRMS system can help to automate and streamline processes including:

  • Recruitment, onboarding and offboarding
  • Document management and storage
  • Employee data management
  • Absence management
  • Payroll and Salary data
  • Target management
  • Performance reviews
  • Expense management
  • Time recording
  • Reporting

Here’s Where Staff Squared Now Comes In…

Staff Squared Now offers a host of fully compliant, reliable and robust features that will free up time and improve your company’s overall management.

Absence Management

Employees and managers can both easily manage their own absences, as well as managing absences for the staff they line manage.

Automatically calculate how much holiday starters and leavers are due to receive based on their allocated holiday allowance and update your records accordingly.

Set custom restrictions on absences to determine how many staff members are allowed off at one time, whether certain employees shouldn’t take time off together and even block out set periods where absences shouldn’t be booked at all.

Create custom absence types that do or don’t deduct from holiday allowance so that staff can request leave for specific reasons such as medical appointments, bereavements or parental leave.

Online Company Calendar

Keep track of staff absences in a centralised calendar where you can manage employee absences, track goals, and plan events.

The Staff Squared Now calendar can also be synchronised with your favourite email client or Exchange/Google Calendar to receive updates away from the app.

Configure and receive timely reminders keep your to do list organised and manageable. Staff Squared reminds you about:

  • Work anniversaries
  • Probation end dates
  • Expired documentation
  • Holiday requests
  • Staff birthdays

Staff Onboarding and Offboarding

Onboarding new starts is quick and easy, with three onboarding options available:

  • Quick add to create a profile with basic information including work email address, name and working pattern details – fill in the rest later.
  • Add and onboard to specify details including start date, pro-rata holiday adjustment and assign onboarding tasks as well as sending a new starter pack email.
  • Import your staff using our spreadsheet template and fill in all fields for one or more employees in one go.

You can engage with your new starters from the outset and get them actively involved in keeping their records up-to-date.

Centralised Employee Data

You can say goodbye to spreadsheets forever as Staff Squared Now helps you to keep all of your staff information up-to-date in one central and secure location.

Staff can actively manage their own personal information while management keep on-top of Job related data.

Store personal details including:

  • Home contact details
  • DOB
  • Gender (with customisable options)
  • Nationality (with customisable options)
  • Marital status
  • Payroll information
  • Bank details
  • Next of Kin information
  • Medical record



Secure Document Storage

Safely store your company and employee files in one organised place.

Store files in folders and share them with staff just as you would a network folder, except our folders are available online from anywhere in the world, super secure and always backed up.

Ask your staff to read important files and receive updates when they’ve done just that. You’ll also receive notifications for any files that have expiry reminders set up.

Premium HR Templates

Whether you are an established company or a new start-up, we want to help you get your HR right from the start.

Take advantage of our library of over 70 FREE premium HR document templates, which are available to download directly from the app.

Powerful Reporting

Know everything you need to about your staff and see the HR trends within your business. Reports are available in real-time and are easy to export.

Get reports on holidays, absences and sick leave with instant access to the costs to your business.

See the time that staff have worked, their holiday and how much sick leave they’ve had including Bradford Factor scores.

Even more reports include timesheets, expenses, objectives, goals and benefits – a complete picture of your HR.

Mobile App

Take Staff Squared on-the-go with our brand new mobile app, where everything you need to know about your absence events is available from an easy-to-use dashboard.

With the Staff Squared mobile app, you’ll have direct access to your company calendar, along with many other absence management actions wherever you are.

Coming Soon…

Xero Payroll

Onboarding your staff has never been easier with Xero Payroll – simply import new employees to Staff Squared (and update existing employee data) from your Xero Payroll account.

If you would like to be the first to use the new Xero Payroll integration, hit the button below to speak with our Customer Care Team.


Pulse eNPS

Increase employee communication and transparency with intelligent eNPS analysis at your fingertips.

Run surveys for a minimum of 5 days, allowing enough time for optimum responses before the Pulse report shows a break down of your Promoters, Neutrals (Passives) and Detractors.

  • Ask your staff to provide feedback on how they feel you’re doing.
  • With minimal effort on your employees’ part, they can answer a simple default ‘on a scale of zero to ten’ question with just a couple of clicks.
  • Staff can make an immediate correction to their response if they make a mistake.
  • The survey is completely anonymous, so staff can be 100% honest without the worry of whether their feedback will have a negative fallback.
  • View trends of promoters, neutrals and detractors in your business to understand how your employees really feel about your company.
  • Keep track of your eNPS® scoring to see whether your employee’s feedback is improving over time.
  • Use your results as a steering point for employee-focused processes and future decision making.