Are you ready to completely change the way your business HR is dealt with?

Moving to HR software after years of paper-filled ring binders, Excel spreadsheets, PDF files and packed-full folders will be the making of something great. But, you’ve got to do it properly.

There are things to think about. There are certain steps to take. Climb the diving board for a graceful sweep into the water, rather than jumping hastily off the side of the pool.

Step one:

Get testing!

Have you found the software that you want to use?

Before dancing off into the sunset, take some time to test it.

Ideally, you’ll make use of a free HR software trial that will give you some time to explore. Get to grips with the features and possibilities, to see how it will work for your business.

If there’s anything that you’re unsure about, there should be a customer service team on hand to guide you through the process.

Step two:

Get up and running!

Once you’ve found the best HR software, you’ll need to get ready to use it. Make sure that you’ve got an account and that everything is properly paid for. Some software providers will make you pay to unlock certain features, whilst others (like Staff Squared) will provide everything that you need for one low price. If you’re using software that comes with many different parts to unlock, make sure that you’ve made every purchase at this stage. The last thing you want is to ‘go live’ with software that’s missing important features.

Take some time to set the system up, once you’ve paid for everything that you need. Add employees. Check that every member of staff has the right usage privileges. Personalise the software, so that it’s ready for your company and your workers.

Perhaps give a few other key members of staff their access to the software at this stage. They can work with you to run your final tests, and can perhaps be roped into creating your training manuals.

Step three:

Get everyone involved!

Other people have got to be as interested in this change as you are. HR software is useless if you’re the only one using it.

The benefit of a good HR software package, like the Staff Squared software, is that it enables everything to be managed online. Used properly, it’s a handy tool that lets your employees file online holiday requests whilst you’re giving them feedback and setting performance goals.

To use your HR software to its full potential, you need everyone to be contributing and sharing. Regular updates will keep your HR software working as it should.

Everyone should know how to use the software, why you’re using it and how it changes your workplace for the better. Why not run a training session, to show what it can do?

It might be best to run a few different training sessions, for each type of user. Most employees will only need to understand the basics, but there will be some that will need a more in-depth explanation of how the software works.

Don’t wander blindly into your HR software training. Prepare in advance, making sure that you feel ready to answer any question that’s thrown at you.

You’ll probably want to create a user guide. Produce a detailed document that employees can refer to, if there’s something that they need to check.

Step four:

Get mobile!

Perhaps one of the best things about HR software is that it stops you from being tied down. You no longer need to be sitting in your office in order to view someone’s holiday request, to check how many sick days they’ve had or to say “thanks” for a job well done.

To take advantage of HR on the go, get the software installed on your phone. With Staff Squared HR software, there’s a handy app that you can take with you wherever you go. You can even contact members of staff by phone, or email, from within the app itself.

Step five:

Be patient!

When you launch your HR software, there will be a steep learning curve. Don’t expect everyone to get it right straight away. Some employees will ask for help with things that should be obvious, whilst others might completely forget what the software is capable of doing.

Be the best boss by answering questions patiently, by going over things that you’ve already explained and by talking people through the guide that you spent hours of your time creating.

Remember, this won’t last forever. Within days, each and every member of staff will be using the software with ease. At this point, any lost hours over recent days will quickly be gained back. Good HR software will make HR management faster, more efficient and more reliable, saving you so much time and money!


Be clued up!

There are many HR software options available for businesses like yours. Each will be different, so don’t be afraid to trial a few and see which one best suits your needs.

Some companies spend a small fortune having their own HR software designed. If you have particularly complex needs, this might be something to consider. In most cases, bespoke HR software really isn’t necessary.

Take time to understand exactly what you want from your HR software, and exactly which service can provide it.

Get help!

If you’re struggling, your software provider should be able to provide some support.

The Staff Squared team are happy to help with the implementation of your new HR software, with no extra charge for their time.

We can get you up and running, even helping to import your data from wherever it’s currently stored. The process should be as quick and easy as possible, without time-consuming configuration or complicated never-ending task lists.

Why make HR software implementation any more difficult than it needs to be? Take your time finding the right software for your small business success, and the rest should be a smooth ride.