Staff Squared’s new staff onboarding checklists give your new hires the best start at your company. Onboarding checklists automate the completion of paperwork and tasks that you used to manually process each time a new staff member joined your company.

Make a great impression on your new hires and automatically stay compliant with employment law

Staff onboarding checklists allow you to create reusable checklist templates for all of your new staff onboarding tasks.

Simply create an onboarding checklist template which assigns tasks and deadlines to the various team members responsible, and onboard all new staff members consistently and efficiently.



Admin, Manager, All Staff, Pending and Ex-Staff Tabs

We’ve added five new tabs at the top of your staff directory for better filtering, so you can get straight to the people and information that you need to access.


Add Multiple Next of Kin Contacts

With the addition of your new ‘Emergency’ tab which lives under the ‘Personal’ tab, you can now view and edit multiple next of kin contacts in a dedicated section.  


Need to get to next of kin information in a hurry? Just click the next of kin icon at the top of staff profiles.



View Individual Employee Onboarding Checklists

Access onboarding checklists for each staff member in the new Onboarding drop-down that lives under the Job tab.

Coming soon!

Next on our list of upcoming changes is a new and improved Files section. We can’t wait to share this and a host of other upcoming improvements with you.

Keep your feedback coming. We are always keen to hear from you. You can contact us at [email protected].