Skills Assessment Test Worksheet

Following on from our blog post about Skills Assessment Tests, here is an example of one.  By providing a selection of tests, you can build a broader picture of the applicant and potentially narrow down your pool of potential interviewees. In an Excel spreadsheet, how would you calculate the total

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Types of Discrimination in the Workplace

Very few managers would openly admit to discriminatory behaviours, even to their closest friends. You might think that you would never discriminate, but the statistics would suggest that workplace discrimination is much more common than you might think. In 2013-2014: more than 3,000 racial discrimination claims were made against employers

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Bullying in the Workplace: A Guide

80%. When you’re talking about workplace bullying, 80% is a significant statistic. 80% of workers have experienced bullying in the workplace. Some of those will have been bullied once or twice, with issues later being resolved, whilst others will be victims of a relentless campaign of mistreatment or abuse that

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