The Power of Positive Communication

Communication is a core element in every aspect of our lives. Whether you’re establishing new relationships, managing personal accounts or building a rapport with your customers at work, the way you express yourself impacts how others take you – and whether your approach comes across as positive or negative. We’re

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My Staff Spend Too Much Time…

Your staff may well show up to work on time every day (albeit, perhaps virtually at the moment, thanks to Coronavirus!), but how much of their workday is actually spent working?   The chances are, very few of your staff put in a full day’s work. Almost 90% of staff say that they waste time

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Making the Shift to Remote Working: The Pros and Cons

Businesses worldwide have had no choice but to close their offices and, where possible, move their staff to a remote working arrangement in response to government guidance, helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keeping their employees and clients safe.  Remote Work Strategist, Laurel Farrer, said that it typically takes six to twelve weeks for a smooth transition from on-site working to working remotely. Of course,

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