Pulse eNPS

Intelligent employee feedback analysis at your fingertips.

Increase employee communication and transparency

  • Truly understand what makes your team tick.
  • Powerful actionable insights you can use to improve staff culture and reduce turnover.
  • Send your Employee Satisfaction Survey Email on a custom date.
  • Sign your name to make it personal to your employees.

Staff can feedback anonymously

Each survey runs for 5 days, allowing enough time for optimum responses before the Pulse report shows a break down of your Promoters, Neutrals (Passives) and Detractors.

  • Ask your staff to provide feedback on how they feel you’re doing.
  • With minimal effort on your employees’ part, they can answer a simple default ‘on a scale of zero to ten’ question with just a couple of clicks.
  • Staff can make an immediate correction to their response if they make a mistake.
  • The survey is completely anonymous, so staff can be 100% honest without the worry of whether their feedback will have a negative fallback.

Your progress at a glance

  • View trends of promoters, neutrals and detractors in your business to understand how your employees really feel about your company.
  • Keep track of your eNPS® scoring to see whether your employee’s feedback is improving over time.
  • Use your results as a steering point for employee-focused processes and future decision making.

Staff Squared HR Powerful Software Features

The perfect features for your business.

Survey your staff

Centralise all your information in one organised, backed up location. Easy access on the go.

Configurable questions

Make sure the different areas of your business are keeping your staff happy.

Schedule recurring surveys

Survey your staff at set intervals to keep on top of their happiness levels.

Configure response times

Allow staff members as long as they need to respond to your surveys to increase response rates.

Target specific groups

Focus on specific groups within your company to make sure everyone in your business is satisfied.

Gather anonymous feedback

All responses are anonymous, allowing your employees to respond honestly without fear of reproach.

Powerful reporting

See exactly which areas of your business are performing and which ones you need to focus on

Compare survey responses

See how your eNPS score is changing over time to make sure the changes you’re making are working.


Share data with your favourite systems using the Staff Squared API.

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