How to create your first eNPS survey

Gathering accurate and reliable employee satisfaction metrics has never been so easy



Add your Staff

Settings up Staff Squared Pulse couldn’t be easier. Just add your staff and away you go!

Fill out a simple spreadsheet with your employees’ information and import it into the system in one action.

Once your staff have been added, you can begin to create surveys based on demographics including:

  • Department
  • Employee type
  • Role
  • Job title
  • Office
  • Staff Group
  • Management
  • Salary band
  • Length of service
  • Age range
  • Gender
  • Nationality

Creating a Survey

When you are ready to start your first survey, you will need to navigate to the Surveys page.

From there, it’s as simple as ‘one, two, three’.

First, you’ll want to give your survey a name so you can find it easily later on.

Set your survey start date and desired frequency, with the choice to send a one-off survey or set it to recur on a weekly or monthly cycle. You’ll also need to select the amount of time you want to give your staff to respond.

Select any additional question you would like to include in your survey (you can include up to three additional questions per survey). If you have selected more than three questions and your survey is recurring, choose between a canned cycle which will pull your selected questions from a set order each time your survey runs or let us pick them for you at random.

It’s now time to assign your recipients. Send your survey to all or select staff by name, staff group or specific demographics such as department, office or gender. Make sure to select at least 5 staff members to send your survey to, otherwise you will not be able to run your survey.

Once you have defined all the survey details, all that’s left is to add your name to personalise who the survey is sent from and send an introduction email to let your staff know what the survey is for.

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