How to Improve your Employee Response Rates

Learn how to get the most from your eNPS surveys



Strategies to Improve your eNPS

Converting as many employees as you can into promoters will improve your eNPS score, but how do you achieve this?

Listening and responding to your employees’ feedback will help you to create positive change within your business and earn their loyalty.

Your staff’s loyalty to you and your company holds many benefits, including a culture of engagement, productivity and trust as well as increased retention and attracting a bigger talent pool when recruiting.

By following these simple steps, you will not only achieve your employees’ confidence, but you will find that more staff may be inclined to engage with your surveys, giving you a more accurate eNPS score and the tools to make even more improvements across your business.

Build Interest

Let your staff know all about your new eNPS programme and why you are doing it.

Put up posters around the office, send out emails and be generally enthusiastic about the surveys you are asking your staff to take part in.

Anything that you can do to drum up interest and momentum will help to drive your eNPS initiative forward successfully.

Respond to Feedback

Whether your surveys are anonymous or not, it’s important for you to communicate that you have received their feedback and you are creating action plans to make improvements off the back of it. This is important for both good and bad feedback.

Thank your staff for taking the time to respond and let them know that you are working on ways to address any concerns and continue towards successes.

If your staff know that they are being heard, they are more likely to want to play a part in making improvements to the workplace.

Honesty is the Best Policy

People are very intuitive and will most likely be aware if there are problems within your business. If your staff feel that issues are being sugar-coated or completely swept under the carpet, they will quickly lose respect for you and the company.

Be as open and honest with your staff as you can and you will find that they respect your honesty, which will generate trust and engagement in the programme.

Own up to any mistakes your business has made or trouble it is face and address everything head-on and highlight the action plans and initiatives you have created to overcome these setbacks.

Communicate with your Respondents

While you may not agree with all of the feedback you receive, it is important to understand that it is the reality for your employees, and so allowing them to understand how you plan to make improvements will go along way for staff who aren’t feeling confident in you or your company as a whole.

Likewise, employees who sing your praises can help you to understand what you are doing right and how to continue to improve in the future.

Most eNPS surveys are anonymous, and so you will need to send any communications regarding your survey results to all participants.

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