What is eNPS?

Find out how satisfied your staff are with a management tool used to gauge employee experience and loyalty.



eNPS, otherwise known as employee Net Promoter Score, is an alternative form of employee satisfaction research. In basic terms, eNPS is a management tool used by companies to measure the satisfaction and loyalty of their staff members.

The tool is designed to support ongoing information, coaching, action and continuous improvement and therefore will need to be conducted as an ongoing process. The frequency of these surveys can differ between companies, with some employers asking staff to respond at regular intervals, where others might prefer to promote a steadier stream of input from staff by sending the survey out a couple of months after a new starter joins the company and then on every work anniversary that follows. Some may even opt to send random surveys to staff at different times and calculate the final score at the end of the year.

Net Promoter Systems® support business to:

  • Make the person-focused area of a business as transparent as possible.
  • Learn, experiment with processes and grow.
  • Discover which departments could become potential liabilities and which offer promising best practices.
  • Understand which team leaders are doing the best job and which ones need more support and coaching.
  • Understand which elements of employee sentiment and engagement most affect customer loyalty so they can identify ways to improve both.

How Does it Work?

eNPS is determined by the responses given by employees to one (or sometimes a few) simple questions, scored on a zero-to-ten scale. For example, “How likely would you be to recommend our company/product/service to a friend or colleague?”.

Employees who respond to the survey with a score of 9 or 10 are Promoters. They are most likely to be more productive and happy in the workplace and will be more inclined to recommend you as an employer.

Respondents who give a score of 0 to 6 are Detractors. They are considered less likely to exhibit these positive, value-creating behaviours.

Anyone who responds to the survey with a score of 7 or 8 is considered to be a Neutral and their expected behaviour falls somewhere between that of a Detractor and a Promoter.

What is a Good eNPS Score?

An eNPS can range from anything between -100 (this score is representative of every respondent being a Detractor) and +100 (this score is representative of every respondent being a Promoter).

A positive eNPS (one that is higher than zero) is considered to be good. If the score is +50, it’s deemed to be excellent, and any score exceeding +70 is considered to be an exceptional score.

What are the Benefits?

The employee Net Promoter metric is considered to be the most useful and practical method of obtaining employee satisfaction data for a number of reasons, including:

  • The sheer simplicity.
  • It’s effortless to use.
  • It can be anonymised.
  • Allows for growth.
  • It’s adaptable.

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