HR online calendar

View holidays, sick leave and events at a glance in a friendly calendar environment.

Never forget important dates and sync with your calendars.

A staff holiday calendar keeps you and your team organised. Manage absences, track goals, and plan events – the calendar connects you with your team like never before. Synchronise your Staff Squared calendar with your favourite email client or Exchange/Google Calendar, to receive updates even when you’re away from Staff Squared. Keep on top of your HR with our real-time dashboard. Timely reminders keep your to do list organised and manageable. Staff Squared reminds you about:
  • Work anniversaries
  • Probation end dates
  • Expired documentation
  • Holiday requests
  • Staff birthdays

Never double-book

When booking an event the calendar will warn you if it detects that the new event will conflict with anything already booked. If you want to book a meeting with a staff member, but they’re on holiday that day, the calendar will warn you and you can decide if you’d still like to book the event, or change it to a different day.

Filter by department or office

If you have staff across multiple offices and departments these filters can be used to select which staff you want to hide or show on the calendar.

Filter by event type

As well as being able to filter by office and department, you can also filter by event type, so you can choose whether you want to see holidays, sickness, birthdays, etc…

Plus more small business HR features

Security and reliability

Let us worry about your HR data security so you don’t have to. Control who sees what information.

Staff performance

Manage reviews, give thanks and set one-to-one meetings and objectives.

Staff onboarding

Give your new hires the best start at your company with our staff onboarding feature.