We have released some changes to existing functionality to make managing tasks that bit easier. These include:


Working Days and Holiday Allocation Selection

Creating a new working pattern should be quick and easy – and so we have made a small change to the colour format of our working days and holiday allocation pickers so that you know, without a doubt, which settings you have selected.


Working Pattern Tick Box Settings

Options to update existing absence bookings affected by a change in working pattern and to use the holiday and carryover allowances associated with a working pattern when assigning it to an employee did not stand out, making them easy to miss. These steps have now been highlighted, making them more obvious to users when updating working patterns and ensuring that settings are correct when assigning a new pattern to your employees.


New ‘Notice Period’ Field

A new data field is now available, allowing admins to record employee notice periods. Now, you and your staff can view their contractual notice period at a glance. Simply head to their profile and open the Job tab to view and edit this data. 


Personal File Reminder Notifications

When you set file expiry reminders, notifications will now also include personal files with an expiry date set.

Bug Fixes

‘Other Remote Work Events’ Notifications

When the ‘other remote work events’ setting was filtered to ‘my direct reports only’ or was switched off, users would still receive these notifications. This has now been fixed and notifications are being filtered correctly.

Turnover Percentage Calculation

The way turnover percentage is calculated in the Staff Leavers and Starters report has now been updated. The new calculation is number of leavers in period/average number of employees in period * 100.

Login Access on Last Day of Employment

Employees who had an employment end date set ahead of their last day would lose access to their account too early. These employees will now be able to login to Staff Squared until the end of their last working day (according to their current working pattern).

Ex-Staff Calendar Events

Absences recorded past an employee’s end date would get stuck in the company calendar. Now, all absences are deleted from the company calendar at employment end. A record of all absences for the ex-staff member is available to admin users via the Holidays tab on the employee’s profile.

Attaching Expense Receipts on iOS Devices

There was an error preventing users from uploading attachments to expense claims using iOS devices. This has now been resolved.

Coming Soon…

We are excited to share even more updates with you in the coming months, with the first being a brand new mobile app. Watch this space for more information!