Recognising Work-Related Stress

No matter how hard we try to manage the pressures of work, it can sometimes become more than we can cope with, leading to work-related stress.  The impact of work-related stress can effect not only the employee who is suffering, but also the company and its other employees. Statistics show

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Probation Periods: A Guide for Employers

It’s become common practice for most employers to offer jobs to new starters on the understanding that they must successfully complete a probation period in order to secure their position with the company.  While this typically means that a company would be able to let someone go should the employee

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Could the 4-Day Week Come to the UK?

It’s the first full working week after two back-to-back 4-day weeks – thank you Easter Bank Holidays(!) – and I don’t know about you, but I’m already missing that extra day of no alarms and free time.  The full time, 5-day week has been standard for so long that people

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